Security gates and railings Cornwall UK

Gate Place specialise in security fencing, gates, grills and many more. we offer a wide range of standard fencing panels as found below, we can also offer bespoke fabrications to suit your home, business or even sports clubs. we can offer a 24hr call out service for any damaged products, fences etc. Give us a call today for your free quote on all of our range. 

security fencing, anti climb fencing,
Security Fencing

Gate place offer a wide range of designs of security fencing,

anti-climb fencing, palisade fencing, plus many more. to view some examples of fencing please visit our gallery. 

we offer bespoke fencing to meet your requirements. 


all our fencing comes with either a galvanised finish or powder coated to any standard ral code.  we can also fit barbed wire, security wire etc.

security gates, motorized gates, security barriers
Security Gates

gate place offer a range of security gates and barriers, if you need a gate for your driveway, business, car park, sports club etc we can offer a free Quote including fitting and paint, we can also offer a 24hr call out to repair any broken or vandalised gates, 


all our gates are fitted with locks as standard but we can also supply magnetic fixings, powered opening or any other system you require fitted.

Security grills and window protectors. light well guards
Security window grills

Security grills are effective window protectors to stop any damage to windows or protect from burgulers etc. we offer a wide range of window protection in various sizes and shapes.


At Gate Place we understand that most window protectors can be ugly and make your home, business etc look like a prison, that is why we are happy to offer a bespoke design services. Our designs will be cost effective solutions that can be attractive and be a feature not a unattractive contraption.

security bollards and barriers,
Security bollards and barriers

Security bollards are useful to stop unwanted traffic or restricing access.

there is a wide range of bollards and barriers available,

from powered  to static bollards and barriers, bollards are used in most car parks, city/town centres and even residential homes.


Bollards can be design to blend into your sorroundings and not to stick out like a sore thumb. see our gallery for examples. for your free estimate call us today.